River Football

The UK is a great place for many reasons, and one of them, to me at least, is the wide variety of bizarre, yet completely wonderful sports that we manage to think up (probably in the pub over a pint). There is cheese rolling, shin kicking, wife carrying, bog snorkeling and.....river football.

I arrived at a rammed Bourton-on-the-water on bank holiday Monday, the banks of the river were heaving, and this was a good couple of hours before the football match had even started - apparently its the place to be on a unusually hot Summer's day.

Just before 4pm, the goals were carried out into the river and the referee, a man wearing a dress and carrying an umbrella, blew the whistle and utter chaos ensued. No one was safe from the splashing, with the audience at the side of the 'pitch' getting especially drenched.

Having seen some videos of the river football before, i decided to waterproof my 5Ds to Canon official standards...and by that i mean 5p ASDA bags gaffa taped around the body and lens. I never like those clumsy 'official' rain guards for cameras...I can never get to buttons and just end up missing shots. A plastic bag does wonders!

Above: This was the last shot I took. Despite the plastic bags, I got totally soaked. The cameras survived, but a change of clothes was needed for me. It was time to go and file what I had and dry myself off.

If you ever want a bit of a different football match, and a refreshing drenching, then I highly recommend a bit of River Football on a bank holiday.