Welsh Lamb - Llamb Day

Ahhh Llamb's Day. Okay, you may not have heard of it before, but 1st August 2016 was Llamb's Day - heralds the arrival of the first new season lamb in Wales. It coincides with Lammas Day – or Calan Awst – which is the first harvest festival of the year.Llamb’s Day is a time of great celebration, a time to gather friends, family and neighbours and feast on the finest, freshest lamb that’s been reared on the lush, Welsh grasslands using farming methods that date back centuries.

This meant a trip up to North Wales for me, in order to film the preperation, cooking and eating of a lamb cooked on an open fire outside.

We drove down to the butchers at 8am and picked a whole Welsh lamb - ready for a good 7 hours or so of cooking.

Once we had it all set up on the slightly DIY cooking rig (amazing what you can get from B&Q), it was time to play the waiting game. It may be a delicious and organic way to cook a lamb, but it sure does take some time!

So to pass a bit of the time, with a GoPro Hero 4 set up to film a timelapse, we headed up to the hills to fim an intro.

An AMAZING view and Gareth being a great presenter helped make this intro scene a breeze to film - if only the light was a bit better, but hey, i'll take flat light over rain any day.

After an hour or so filming up in the mountains, we headed back down to check on the lamb, and boy was it looking tasty. The next few hours consisted of getting lots of nice pick up shots of Gareth cooking, checking temperatures etc and the poor dog looking longingly on at the food it was never going to have.

People started arriving around 3pm and the lamb was served. Needless to say, it went down a storm. Most people wouldn't think of cooking a lamb in this way, but if you have the time, and fancy celebrating "Llamb's Day" next August, then i highly recommend it - it really did taste amazing.

You can see the finished video below!